Kauai Golf

Written by Liza Hartung
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Kauai is the island furthest away from the big island of Hawaii, but there is no lack of quality or fun in the realm of Kauai golf. In fact, Kauai is home to two courses designed by the premier golf legend himself, Jack Nicklaus. One of those two, Kauai Lagoons' Kiele Course, is said to be one of the best on all six islands.

Kauai golf offers courses for beginners and professionals alike. A few of the courses have the first nine holes designed primarily as a warm-up for players with at least an intermediate skill level. Grab the back nine or some of the other courses and you'll get a run for your money. If you find yourself not doing as well as you expected, it could be due to the breathtaking and distracting views of mountains, oceans, or lakes.

Why Kauai Golf Rocks

For those who like to have bragging rites or documentation, Kaui has three of Golf Digest's Top 10 golf courses all on its relatively small amount of land. Since it is such a small island, the avid golfer can get from one course to another in a matter of minutes. And, although eight courses may sound like a small number for an island to have, it's more than the average golfer can play in a full week of teeing-off and putting.

As amazingly beautiful as the island and Kauai golf can be, it can also steal your balls. Look around, check out those rolling green hills, those majestic mountains, and those dense underbrushes. Enjoy them, take in the beauty, but take careful aim away from those stroke-costing traps. If you do that, golfing on the island of Kauai will be one amazing experience.

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