Kauai Golf Vacations

Written by Michael Federico
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The island of Kauai is known for the quality of its golf courses, as opposed to the quantity. Vacationers don't have a lot of courses to choose from, but every course that is available features spectacular scenery and greens unlike any on the Mainland. Golf is one of the few things in Hawaii with prices comparable to those in the rest of the states. The finest Kauai courses can usually be played for between $100 and $210.

Two of the toughest courses in Kauai can be found at the Princeville Resort. The elements loom large, and bodies of water are not easily avoided. These factors, along with the unique design of the courses, lure some of the world's best golfers to Princeville each year. The Keile Course at the Kauai Lagoons golf resort is also a popular venue for both scratch players and high handicaps, because the surrounding mountain cliffs and the 40 acres of freshwater lagoons make it one of the most visually stunning courses on the planet.

Setting up Tee Times

Getting a tee time at one of Kauai's golf courses is not always the easiest thing to do. There are actually online services that allow players to book times well in advance. This saves them the trouble of trying to set up a game after they have arrived in Hawaii with their clubs in hand.

There are several Kauai golf vacation packages available. Many give a person the chance to swing away on all of the island's major courses. When a person signs up for one of these plans, tee times and all other arrangements are usually taken care of.

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