Kauai Helicopter Tours

Written by Tara Peris
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Kauai helicopter tours are an ideal way to see the island in its entirety. Blessed with diverse and plentiful natural resources, it is nearly impossible to explore all of the island by foot. For many visitors, Kauai helicopter tours are among the most exciting and effective ways to make sure you see it all.

From a geological perspective, Kauai is Hawaii's oldest island, and perhaps, its most topographically varied. With lush rainforest, sprawling canyons and valleys, and breathtaking beaches, Kauai takes on an almost magical quality. Indeed, many have called it the jewel of the islands, a title bolstered by its appearance in a number of feature films.

See It All with Kauai Helicopter Tours
Given the diverse terrain, Kauai helicopter tours are really the only way to see all the island has to offer. Whether flying over the rainforest canopy for a bird's eye view, or circling waterfalls or volcanoes, a good helicopter tour can ensure that you see it all. Critically, it can take you to several places you can't get to on foot.

Certainly, helicopter tours are more expensive than some other tourist activities. At the same time, they are well worth it. Panoramic views of all corners of the island are sure to be a vacation highlight not soon forgotten.

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