Kauai Horseback Riding

Written by Michael Federico
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The Kauai countryside is one of the most stunning panoramas on Earth. The sun peeks out from behind the lush green mountains and reflects off a turquoise ocean to create a scene of such beauty that words simply fail to do it justice. There are a number of ways for visitors to Kauai to experience the island's scenery. There are helicopter tours that take travelers over mountain cliffs and waterfalls, and there are boat tours that show the island's beauty from the sea's point of view. People can also take hiking and bike treks up into the mountains to discover what lies in the deepest parts of Kauai.

Trips on horseback combine the joy of riding with the pleasure of a scenic tour. From the back of a mighty steed or a gentle mare, travelers can cross the plains, run along the beach, or walk the mountain paths. Riding gives people a chance to see parts of Kauai that have not been touched by modern machinery.

Horseback Tours of the North Shore

Riding along the North Shore of Kauai ensures that visitors will enjoy oceanfront and mountain views. Of all the locations on the island, the North Shore is perhaps the best spot to take in the full spectrum of Kauai's beauty. Along rides on the North Shore, it is common to run into a herd of grazing cattle, or even another band of horses.

Most tour companies offer a variety of horseback adventures. Some allow people to travel the trails of the old Pancolo cattle drive, while others lead into the mountains and the waterfalls that cascade there. It is possible to go on a horseback tour with a private guide. This allows the rider to linger in a certain spot for as long as he likes.

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