Kauai Lagoons Golf Course

Written by Liza Hartung
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Playing golf at the Kauai Lagoons golf course could be one of the most serene and exciting games you'll ever play. It's serene because the setting you'll play in is made calm by the many lagoons. Exciting because every time you walk up to one of these lagoons, you never know what kind of tropical fish or exotic plant you're going to find lurking inside.

One wonderful aspect of the Kauai Lagoons golf course, especially for the golf addict who just can't get enough, is that it's five minutes to the airport. So, you're last day on the island, get in one more delicious game. You can book your tee-time right down to the wire and play almost until the point where you have to board your plane.

In just the opposite way, you can land after a 5 hour or so flight and within minutes of grabbing your bags (if your airline hasn't lost your luggage), you can be teeing-off among Hawaiian lagoons. The Kauai Lagoons golf course has two courses within it: Kiele Course and Mokihana Course.

Kauai Lagoons Golf Course Splits in Two

The Kiele Course has 40 full acres of shockingly beautiful lagoons. The Mokihana Course is done in Scottish-style links, and this is the one that's five minutes from the airport. The day you have to kiss Hawaii good-bye, play Kiele then move a little closer to your airplane and play Mokihana. You'll be glad you did.

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