Kauai Luxury Resorts

Written by Michael Federico
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The Hawaiian island of Kauai draws vacationers from all over the world. Even during the off season, visitors can find tours to take and adventures to set out on. The island's landscape is lush and tropical, and unlike Oahu and Maui, much of Kauai remains untouched by man.

The resorts on Kauai complement the beauty of the island. Many of them incorporate the surrounding land into their design. A stroll from the hotel lobby to the beach might take a guest down a torch-lit winding path that is bordered by native plants and shadowed by mountains. Most resorts also have several bars outside, so visitors can lounge by the pool while enjoying the scenery and a variety of strictly Hawaiian drinks.

Rooms at Luxury Resorts

The island of Kauai is the destination for countless newlyweds and others seeking romantic getaways each year. The majority of resorts offer special honeymoon suites for those who do not wish to be disturbed. Some suites are set apart from the rest of the resort, and their doors open onto a private beach. Other specialty rooms feature whirlpool baths and fully-stocked bars.

Almost any view a guest has from his room in Kauai is a spectacular one. Many luxury resorts have rooms with two balconies, so visitors can have the best possible seats for watching the sun rise and set. Resorts in Kauai generally have amenities and services that are comparable to those available at the very best hotels on the Mainland. However, they also have features like traditional luaus that are purely Hawaiian.

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