Kauai Luxury Vacations

Written by Michael Federico
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When people travel to an island resort such as Kauai, they often look forward to their luxury hotel as much as they look forward to the beauty of the locale. There is something to be said for lying oceanside or poolside while people bring you drinks and attend to all of your needs, and this is the treatment vacationers receive from many of the luxury resorts on Kauai.

There are hotels on the island that look like something out of dream. Water cascades from rock faces into a pool that has caves, grottos, and fountains, not to mention three water slides. Paths to the beach are lit by fiery torches, and there are benches along the way, so visitors can sit to soak in the scenery or steal a kiss. In many cases, these luxury resorts have lobbies that rival the landscape of the island itself. There are trees throughout, and stone bridges that overlook giant koi ponds.

Dining at Luxury Resorts

One of the greatest luxuries at the best Kauai resorts is the dining. The menus in some of the island's hotels were created by world famous chefs, the décor was conceived by some of the top designers in the world, and the service is on par with the surroundings. Guests are taken care of from the moment they step foot into the restaurant until the moment they leave.

Planning a vacation to Kauai is a process filled with a number of decisions. People need to decide what type of vacation package they are interested in, and how many days they can stay. Money is always an issue when traveling to Hawaii, but spending a little extra on a luxury resort is usually well worth it.

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