Kauai Movie Tours

Written by Michael Federico
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Two archaeologists, a chaos theorist, and a couple of kids do all they can to avoid the monstrous T-Rex and those highly intelligent, slightly evil raptors. As they dash, yell, scream, and run from the dinosaurs, the spectacular landscape of Kauai looms in the background. Jurassic Park and its sequel, The Lost World, are just two of the movies that were filmed on the island of Kauai, and while the surroundings seem quite treacherous in the films, a movie tour allows a person to enjoy the beauty of the island without fear of being turned into a meal.

Taking a movie tour of Kauai gives people a chance to walk in the footsteps of Indiana Jones, Gilligan, and Tatu and Mr. Rourke. There are van tours available that travel to the spots where scenes from Raiders of the Lost Ark and Fantasy Island were filmed, while showing those scenes to the tourists. Everybody can then step out of the van and point out landmarks that they recognize, or if they are still twelve years old at heart, they can don a fedora and crack an imaginary whip.

Types of Movie Tours

Van tours put movie tour companies on the map. However, over the years, they have begun to offer more options. 4x4 tours allow people to travel to hard-to-reach locations. Traveling on 4x4 also gives people a chance to really take in the scenery. There are combination tours available where people spend part of their time on the van, and part of their time on the 4x4. These tours will generally cover a variety of movies, including Blue Hawaii and Honeymoon in Vegas.

Almost all movie tours give people insight into the history and culture of Kauai as they travel from site to site. People can learn native songs, and traditional meals are often included in the tour package. One trip even gives tourists the chance to feed boars, an activity that most people probably think only happens in the movies.

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