Kauai Oceanfront Condos

Written by Michael Federico
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Stepping out of a condo onto a beach in Kauai is a vacation experience that is hard to top. The water and surrounding landscape of the island never cease to mesmerize people from mainland America, Europe, and Asia. That is why at any time during the year, tourists can be found basking in the sun on one of Kauai's beaches, or hiking up one of its countless mountain paths.

While staying in a hotel resort on Kauai is perfect for many vacationers, condominiums offer more space, more privacy, and more freedom. Condo resorts allow guests to enjoy a home away from home while they are in Hawaii. Only in these homes, the residents don't have to clean, they can order room service, and when they step onto the terrace they can look out over the expanse of the Pacific Ocean as the bright Hawaiian sun dips below the horizon.

Choosing an Ocean Front Condo

Like most of the Hawaiian Islands, Kauai's landscape and beaches vary depending on location. For instance, the beaches on the eastern side of the island tend to be cloudier and windier than the others. This doesn't mean that they are not still beautiful to behold. When choosing an oceanfront rental property, tourists should decide what is most important to them. Some beaches are closer to golf courses, while others are secluded from almost everything.

Some condo resorts are more family-friendly than others. In fact, there are several properties that pride themselves on catering specifically to newlyweds or other couples while keeping children away. There are condos that are designed for families, though. They offer activities that people of all ages can participate in, and they are generally located closer to the main tourist attractions.

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