Kauai Snorkel Spots

Written by Tara Peris
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Kauai snorkel spots can take a variety of forms, and you should choose according to your personal goals and objectives. For some, the purpose of snorkeling is simply to dabble in the activity briefly, taking in the sights and sounds of the ocean that are observed more readily. For others, the goal is to get in depth exposure to the full spectrum of plant and animal life underwater.

A quick look around the island reveals countless Kauai snorkel spots. Ranging in size, shape, and scope, they each offer slightly different viewing opportunities. Thus, it is important for visitors to think carefully about what they're looking for lest they waste money on unfulfilling ventures.

Choosing Kauai Snorkel Spots
When choosing your location, begin by evaluating how important the snorkeling activity is to you. If it has been something you've been eagerly anticipating throughout the planning of your trip, it makes sense to spend a bit of money to make sure that the experience lives up to expectations. You might take a catamaran to some of the harder to reach spots and spend several hours drifting among the colorful marine life.

For those less committed to the activity, there are still a number of very appealing Kauai snorkel spots. Many are quite shallow, allowing children and those who don't swim well to explore with ease. Of course, with the right gear, anyone can have a great day of it. Anini beach and Lydgate park, in particular, are known to be very friendly to beginners. Think about your goals and skill level and plan accordingly.

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