Kauai Suites

Written by Michael Federico
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Resort hotels have not been a part of Kauai for that long. Up until the mid 1980s, there were really only two places for tourists to stay. However, the island has grown over the past several years, and the tourist trade has followed suit. There are now several highly-rated public and private resorts on Kauai.

Most of the hotel rooms in resorts are not anything beyond the norm. They are of average size, and the furnishings are similar to those found in upscale Mainland hotels. The balconies are often what set Kauai resorts apart from average lodgings. The simple act of stepping onto a resort balcony and taking in the scenery of the island is not something that will be easily forgotten. Ocean and mountain views are both stunning, and many rooms have views of both.

Luxury Suites

For those who can afford it, luxury suites offer a level of comfort that is not found in standard resort hotel rooms. Suites are generally larger, often including a full-sized living area, and they tend to be set apart from the rest of the hotel. At some resorts, suites are just a few feet away from private beaches, outdoor showers, and hot tubs.

While staying in a luxury suite, guests can enjoy all of the amenities and services that are offered by the resort. Often, they will have extra perks that the majority of guests can't partake in. In-room massages, bottles of chilled champagne, and fresh flowers are just a few of the added niceties available at many luxury suites.

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