Kauai Surfboard Rentals

Written by Tara Peris
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Kauai surfboard rentals are available all over the island. Local competition keeps the prices low, and enables vacationers to try the sport with little investment. The bigger challenge rests in determining which type of board to rent and whether you will need formal instruction.

Like the other Hawaiian Islands, Kauai has a number of excellent surf spots, and almost anyone who visits the island is likely to attempt surfing at some point. Given the sport's popularity, Kauai surfboard rentals exist in abundance. Practically every few feet on the beach you will find a stand renting boards by the hour. Of course, they are also likely to be available in hotel lobbies at twice the price.

Affordable Kauai Surfboard Rentals
When you rent a board, expect to leave a credit card or to place a hefty deposit in case of damage or theft. This is common practice as most surfboards cost somewhere between 200 and 600 dollars, and wave conditions often snap boards in half. If you look around during your next beach visit, you will spot broken board fragments easily-they're littered across the sand.

Paying for a board is usually easy. It's choosing that complicates the matter of Kauai surfboard rentals. The issue comes down to whether you prefer a short board or a long board. The two offer very different, but equally enjoyable experiences, and you should have a sense of what you are looking for at the outset. As long boards are typically easier for beginners, these are the best bet for most vacationers.

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