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Written by Michael Federico
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Residents of the continental United States often think of Hawaii as a mythic place of indescribable beauty. They dream of stepping on the shores of one of the Hawaiian islands and instantly feeling at peace, as if no stress or strain can reach them there. The truth is their visions are not far off. The beauty of Hawaii is unmatched in the rest of America, and the attitude and way of life on the islands barely even resembles anything from the Mainland.

Kauai is perhaps the most beautiful of all the Hawaiian islands. It has managed to maintain a healthy balance between nature and commerce. There are plenty of activities and sights for tourists to enjoy, but the island has not become overrun with hotels and fast food chains like some of its sister islands.

Touring the North Shore of Kauai

The beauty of Kauai is not relegated to one part of the island. There are vistas in every region that simply defy description. However, touring the North Shore of Kauai gives a person the chance to visit Hanalei. While there, travelers can take in the Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge, which looks absolutely nothing like the zoos that most Americans are accustomed to. Hanalei is also home to some of the best historical tours on the island. The Waioli Mission House, the Waioli Huiia Church, and the Hanalei Bridge offer insight into the struggle between native traditions and modernization that continues on the island to this day. All three sights also represent a distinct portrait of Hawaiian architecture.

The North Shore of Kauai also houses the breathtaking Limahuli Garden in Haena where people can take a walking tour and take photos of the unique surroundings. If walking does not really fit your idea of a Hawaiian vacation, you can head over to Lumahai Beach. Renowned for its crescents of sand, this beach is one of the prime sunbathing spots on Kauai.

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