Kauai Vacation Rental Condos

Written by Michael Federico
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The Hawaiian island of Kauai is home to some of the finest resort hotels in the world. Their rooms have beautiful views, their beaches are clean, and their pools are marvels of design. They offer a variety of special services, and the amenities are usually comprehensive. These resorts are perfect for families and couples.

The one problem that people might find with Kauai hotel resorts is that they are simply too crowded. This is especially true during the peak season for tourism. This means that guests can have trouble finding a comfortable spot on the beach or in the pool, and they might have trouble getting reservations at restaurants. Also, crowds can be a deterrent for couples who come to Kauai seeking a bit of privacy and romance.

Renting Condominiums on Kauai

Luxury condos on Kauai feature many of the same perks as the resort hotels. There are incredible views of the mountains and the ocean. There are pools for those who choose to forgo the saltwater, and the amenities are comparable. Many condos are even located on the island's best beaches and golf courses.

Condos offer a level of privacy that cannot be attained at a hotel. The number of people staying in condos at one time is far less than those staying at resorts. Also, many condos are located in secluded parts of the island, so the private beaches are truly private. Along with privacy, condos are generally more spacious than hotels, allowing guests to create their own romantic setting, or at least cook for themselves.

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