Kauai Vacations

Written by Michael Federico
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Kauai vacations give people a chance to experience the culture and history of Hawaii in a way that is no longer possible on the more commercialized islands. The land has maintained its striking natural beauty, and it is still possible to see traditional Hawaiian customs being practiced.

Kauai has developed enough over the past several years, though, to make it an exciting place for tourists. There are two major shopping areas on the island, Kukui Grove Center and Nawiliwili Road, where people can find artwork, clothing, and much more. There is also the Marketplace at Coconut Plantation that is geared specifically towards tourists. At night, visitors to the island can enjoy fine dining, dancing, or even a luau at one of Kauai's many luxury resorts.

Adventure Vacations

Many people come to Kauai just to take in the scenery. While some are content to just sit back on their hotel balconies and gaze at the volcanoes and trees from afar, others want to get out there and experience the land firsthand. These adventurers have a number of ways they can get up close and personal with the island of Kauai.

There are biking and hiking tours of the island that allow travelers to wind their way up mountain paths. There are also hiking trips for couples that lead to the romantic waterfall of Hanakapiai Valley. Vacationers can ride horses at Princeville Ranch, or even circle the island from high above in a plane or helicopter. For those who prefer the ocean to the sky, there are kayaking adventures and paddleboat tours.

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