Keauhou Vacation Rentals

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Most Keauhou vacation rentals come with their own lanai. A lanai is an island word for patio. When you visit Hawaii you may find yourself picking up on some of the more popular words such as Aloha, which means hello and goodbye.


The language isn't the only cultural experience you'll have. To full appreciate the Polynesian way of life, attendance at a luau is in order. There you will experience cultural dance and entertainment along with some of the best island cuisine imaginable.

Annual Keauhou Vacation Rentals

Keauhou vacation rentals can be reserved on annual basis. While most of us love to go on vacation, we still enjoy feeling that element of "home." By renting the same condo each year, you'll feel as though you're returning home to see your island family.

With more than 137,000 people living on the Big Island, this landscape is made up of hundreds of different races, nationalities and backgrounds. This culturally diverse place is welcoming to people from all walks of life. This acceptance permeates into the attitude and attentiveness of island folk, making Hawaii one of the best vacation destinations on earth.

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