Kona Activities

Written by Michael Federico
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There is enough to do on the Kona Coast of Hawaii's Big Island to occupy vacationers year-round. Those who like a bit of daring on their vacations can take to the skies in a helicopter that will make its way around the myriad volcanoes that make up the island's geography, or they can whip down a mountain trail on a cycle, stopping only to snap photos of some of the most breathtaking scenery on the planet.

For many people, coming to Hawaii means spending some quality time in the ocean. Kona Coast resorts host scuba diving and snorkeling tours. Visitors will get a chance to swim through the crystal blue waters of Hawaii while taking in the exotic sea life that makes the coasts of Hawaii its home. If that seems like too much effort, Kona beaches are perfect for just laying out and catching some sun.

Kona Coffee Cultural Fest

Kona coffee has made the coast famous. In order to celebrate its delicious native drink and the culture of the Big Island, the coast plays host to the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival each year. It is Hawaii's oldest food festival, but even people who don't like coffee can have a great time.

Kona Coffee Fest features a parade, native art demonstrations, weaving workshops, and much more. There are historical tours, golf tournaments, and even art classes for kids. There is of course time for coffee tasting. Visitors can sample all of the unique blends that come from the Kona region, and they can even take some home with them, so they'll never be too far away from Hawaii.

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