Kona Coast Vacation Condos

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Kona coast vacation condos are just some of the scenery you'll see while taking a helicopter flight over the entire Hawaiian Island area. These tours are not merely an hour-long ride in the sky. All of the pilots are certified tour guides, educated in Hawaiian history and culture.

Enjoy a Helicopter Ride

You can even view the wildlife from the rainforest in these helicopters. These machines are specially built to run almost silently. This prevents the wildlife from being disturbed in their natural habitat.

As you dip over some of the active volcanoes on the Big Island you'll learn about the Geology of Hawaii. A lesson in how the Hawaiian Islands came to be is both educational and fascinating. Throughout this tour you will soar over erupting lava from Kilauea.

Learning the Language at Kona Coast Vacation Condos

When you stay at Kona Coast vacation condos you may start to pick up some of the island language. Aloha means hello and goodbye but it also had a deeper meaning to island folk. "Oha" means joyful, "alo" means sharing and "ha" means life energy. This is just a snapshot at why island residents are so kind and welcoming.

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