Kona Country Club

Written by Liza Hartung
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The Kona Country Club is the place to be. Don't you hate sitting at home, all cozy in your house, watching a great golf game on television that's being played in the tropics, then you look out the window, it's snowing, your car has frost all over it, and you have to be at a meeting in an hour? Yuck. Here's a solution: fly to Hawaii!

The Kona Country Club was established in 1966, so even if you've been playing it since then, it's always a delight to say hi to an old friend. The 36 holes will welcome you with open arms and a mountain setting. Don't be fooled by the friendly demeanor, however: the Kona Country Club will give you a heck of a time.

Course Choice at Kona Country Club

Isn't it nice to have choices? At Kona, you've got some great ones when it comes to golf. You can choose to get up in the morning, have a nice Hawaiian breakfast, then mosey on down to the Ocean Golf Course. It's got a terrific mountain background which makes for more challenging terrain.

Once you've worked up an appetite with the Ocean course, satisfy your hunger at the club house, then go for an afternoon round or two at Ali'i (Royal) Golf Course. This one is pretty wild to play because, in the center of the whole thing, is an ancient Hawaiian rock sliding on through. You won't believe your eyes, but don't let this amazing natural wonder distract you from your game. Choke up your hold, ease up through the arms, and you'll be good to go. No matter what you decide, you're destined for a great time.

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