Kona Golf

Written by Liza Hartung
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Any sophisticated golfer will love the chance to play some Kona golf. Two beautiful courses in one place and the chance to kick your friends' or family's backside--what's not to like? Whether you're a slicer or a hooker (no pun intended) or have a massive handicap, there's a course for you at Kona.

Kona golf boasts two fine courses for the avid golfer. The Ocean course and the Ali'i (or Royal) course should actually both be played if you have the time. As suggested, the Ocean follows the edge of the Pacific and is abundant with swaying palm trees and jagged lava rocks. Don't let the scenery distract you, though--keep your mind focused on the perfect drive.

The Royal golf course's terrain is a bit more difficult--for the golfer who likes a challenge. It's set in the mountains and is divided by an ancient Hawaiian rock sliding through the center of the course, just waiting for you to crack your ball into its side. It's a gorgeous course to play, but play smart and take careful aim.

Kona Golf Is for You

One of the best facts about Kona golf is that it has been around since 1966 and is still going strong. To me, that's a testament to its brilliant layout, scenic course design, and the fact that it's just downright fun to play. If you've got enough time, make sure you check out Kona.

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