Kona Travel

Written by Michael Federico
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The Big Island of Hawaii is, in many ways, the state's center for adventure. All of the major tourist islands have trips into the mountains, and underwater expeditions, but the Big Island simply has more area for people to explore. From hiking up volcano paths to flying over mountain streams and waterfalls, tourists can make their way to almost every corner of the island.

There are more relaxing activities for those who do not want to wrestle with Mother Nature. The Big Island is home to two of the finest courses in Hawaii, and it harbors the Kona coast and the coffee country that comes with it. Visitors can travel through coffee country in air-conditioned comfort, or they can mount up a horse or cycle and ride through. From one of the many coastal resorts, tourists can make their way to the charming town of Kailua-Kona to do some leisurely shopping or to enjoy a meal.

Kona Condos

The accommodations on the Kona coast are varied. There are tourist-driven resorts that include all of the amenities and services that vacationers are used to, and there are hidden refuges where guests spend their nights in private bungalows that have no TVs or phones. There are also private condos that let people enjoy comfortable, home-style living while in Hawaii.

Condominiums can be found in almost any size. There are residences designed for couples, and others that can house entire families. Condos allow people to avoid the crowds while still enjoying modern conveniences, so in many ways, they represent the best of both worlds.

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