Kona Vacations

Written by Michael Federico
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Vacationing on the Kona Coast of Hawaii's Big Island can be the most relaxing and also the most adventurous trip a person ever takes. Kona, and the Big Island itself, has something for everyone. There are great golf courses, fantastic helicopter tours, and mountain trips that will challenge even the most athletic travelers.

Bike rides on the Kona Coast are virtually unmatched throughout the rest of the islands. Cycling tours can take anywhere from three to eight hours. Some allow riders to explore Kona coffee country, while others lead to hidden waterfalls and ponds where cyclists can stop to eat and cool off. There is even a downhill trip that takes place over 14.5 miles, and gives riders the chance to really cut their way through the island scenery.

Snorkeling Trips on the Kona Coast

Kona offers some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the world. There are trips for both beginners and advanced divers. Some of the tours are incredibly educational, because the group gets to learn something about all of the sea life they encounter. There are other trips that give divers a bit of freedom, and are focused more on underwater sightseeing than education.

The nighttime dive is something that not many people get to experience. There is something eerily beautiful about the ocean at night. Who knows exactly what is stirring under the calm waters? A night scuba trip can alleviate a bit of the fear that some people have about the sea, and it can let people see ocean life in an entirely new way.

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