Making Wedding Plans

Written by Joy MacKay
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For many couples, there is nowhere on earth as magical and romantic as the Hawaiian islands. You may choose to take the headache out of making your wedding plans by combining your ceremony and honeymoon venues in beautiful Hawaii. The benefits of island weddings are many, but one major advantage is the ease of making wedding plans on the beaches of Hawaii.

Combining Wedding Plans and Honeymoon Plans

Why drive yourself to distraction by planning an expensive local wedding, and a tropical honeymoon? When making wedding plans, it can be much simpler to arrange for a ceremony at your honeymoon locale. Guests can meet you in paradise, and witness your wedding on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii.

Making wedding plans in accordance with your honeymoon brings many advantages. Among the benefits of island weddings are ease, convenience, and cost. In fact, beautiful beach weddings are surprisingly more affordable than most traditional weddings.

When making wedding plans in Hawaii, you can enjoy the advantages exotic wedding destinations bring. Because your guests will most likely be making a trip to witness your ceremony, consider expanding the rehearsal dinner to include all guests. Or, scatter a few barbeques and other gatherings over the week prior to the wedding. This often creates a wonderful sense of community, as guests have longer than a few hours to bond and catch up with each other. You might also ask your wedding guide or wedding planner to recommend some local attractions or restaurants, and call ahead of time to book plenty of space for your party.

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