Massage Therapy And Bodywork

Written by Donald Sparacin
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Hippocrates said, "The physician must be experienced in many things, but most assuredly in rubbing." The recorded practice of hands-on healing, today known as massage therapy and bodywork, began as far back as three thousand years ago in China, but it is expected that the technique is vastly older than that. Many scholars believe that the positive effect of "laying on of the hands" is even an inherited trait that is coded into our DNA. In essence, we are genetically predisposed to feel good after experiencing massage therapy and bodywork - we just can't help it!

Why Not Just Take a Pill to Feel Better?

As technology and research in medicine evolved throughout the centuries, physicians have for the most part moved in the direction of medicine to cure nearly everything. Why not? It's easier and faster to give a patient a pill, bill him, and move on to the next customer. The symptom goes away and the patient feels immediate relief. But is he better?

Massage therapy and bodywork is a holistic approach to helping the patient not only feel better, but actually be in better health. Holistic means whole, and massage therapy and bodywork treats the whole patient rather than just the ailing part of the body that prompted the visit. In many parts of the world today, holistic physicians use both the technology of modern medicine in concert with the handed down techniques of the past to truly heal and not just treat.

There are many places in Hawaii to receive treatments of massage therapy and bodywork, and Maui is no exception. Hawaiians have their own form of this technique that is known as Lomi Lomi. Hotels, retreat centers, holistic centers, and other places on Maui offer the visiting guest a large choice in where they can experience massage therapy and bodywork during their stay. Try a treatment, you'll feel better for the rest of your life.

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