Maui Bed And Breakfasts

Written by Donald Sparacin
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When conjuring up a picture of a typical bed and breakfast one immediately envisions a little old lady, cat in tow, showing you rooms in which her grandchildren were born. If you stayed there, she'd probably serve you the same stale scones for breakfast that the guests passed on the day before. But unlike your vision, Maui bed and breakfasts will be far different!

Maui Bed And Breakfasts Are Very Different

Forget the old, run-down, Victorian that your mind envisions. Maui bed and breakfasts are far from that in miles and a far from that in almost everything else. Most Maui bed and breakfasts offer virtually the same amenities as the large, expensive hotels but at far less cost. They offer the same black sand beaches, the same exotic flowers, and the same comfortable accommodations. Yet unlike the big hotels, Maui bed and breakfasts offer unique rooms at affordable prices.

Experience the feeling of "Aloha" (Hawaiian for welcome) as soon as you arrive. Be greeted by people that truly want you feel at home in this far away place, and leave your preconceived expectations behind, because Maui bed and breakfasts really are different. Forget afternoon tea in the old lady's parlor, here you'll sip a cold drink on the lanai while you take in the majesty of Mt. Haleakala. Forget the plastic flowers and quilts in your room, here you'll find real tropical flowers and ceiling fans instead. Maui bed and breakfasts want you experience the true Hawaiian hospitality in ways that the traditional bed and breakfast can't.

So, if you want views of the mountains or beaches, Maui bed and breakfasts have them. If you want Hawaiian hospitality on an individual basis that the big hotels can't offer, Maui bed and breakfasts has it. And, if you want a really different vacation that's as far from the ordinary as possible, try Maui bed and breakfasts on your stay.

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