Maui Buddhist Retreat

Written by Donald Sparacin
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In Buddhism, it's where you are now that determines the path that you should take. The story goes that there are many paths to the top of the mountain; the path you take depends on where you start. The right path for any individual is not something that can be learned from books or tapes. You really need a teacher, and Maui has them. Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul at a Maui Buddhist retreat.

Why a Maui Buddhist Retreat?
Practicing Buddhism isn't like other religions. Buddhists don't recite prayers to a God. Instead, they search for truth within themselves. They do this through breathwork meditation, yoga, massage, and other holistic practices that bring them into harmony with their world. They seek beauty in all things, and it's easier to see the beauty in Maui than almost anywhere else.

Beginning Buddhists and long-practicing ones alike will find that a Maui Buddhist retreat will facilitate an easier way to reconnect. The balmy temperatures, picturesque scenery, and scents of this tropical isle will expedite your journey from the world of the hectic to your inner world of peace and tranquility. Join others on your journey as you stretch your muscles in a yoga class, chant your mantra in a group meditation exercise, or feel the soothing hands of a loving masseuse.

Whether you practice Zen or Tibetan, a Maui Buddhist retreat will help you awaken into a new connectivity with the natural world. Lose your ego on your way to finding the Four Noble Truths in a setting in which even Gotama Siddhattha (Buddha) would approve. Let your fellow travelers help you on your journey by experiencing a Maui Buddhist retreat for yourself. Hopefully, through this experience, you will find that you are a part of a much larger world on this small, and exquisite part of it.

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