Maui Family Vacation

Written by Donald Sparacin
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Here you are in paradise. Breathtaking views abound. Romance is in the air, carried to your senses on the trade winds that bring you scents of floral bouquets and the sound of the surf in the distance. Then you hear those famous words that every parent hears on a family vacation, "There's nothing to do!"

What about Things to Keep the Kids Happy while on a Maui Family Vacation?

A Maui family vacation can provide you with plenty to keep the kids happy and yet still offer you the things you need to relax. Many of the hotels offer plenty of supervised children activities so you can explore the shops without the hassle. Perhaps you want a relaxing soak in a hot tub. While you're soaking your cares away, the kids can enjoy painting coconuts, building sandcastles, exploring tide-pools, learning hula dancing and making flower leis. Most hotels even offer state-licensed baby-sitters for your needed time away.

The black sand beach is another way to make your Maui family vacation fun for all. What child wouldn't be amused on a beach? OK, for that unique child, perhaps standing atop a mountain and looking into the crater of an extinct volcano might be of interest. You can tell them that the astronauts that first landed on the moon trained at that very site. If that fails, let them see a waterfall up close and personal and see if that doesn't impress them.

Remember, parents, a Maui family vacation isn't a vacation on Mars. Maui has all of those standard fallback activities like miniature golf, movie theaters, arcades, and yes, even television. Yet, with all of the natural amusements that a Maui family vacation affords, you most likely won't need the fallback activities. The kids will enjoy bringing a baggie of black sand to school for show-and-tell, delight in describing a volcano to their friends back home, and be amazed by the size of the waves. A Maui family vacation has a way of impressing even the hardest child to amaze.

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