Maui Golf Cards

Written by Liza Hartung
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I don't know about you, but I would love to have a Maui golf card to help me play as many courses as possible by giving me some discounts and saving me some money. There are so many available out there, so be sure to find one that suits the needs of your trip and your playing desires. For the avid golfer, having a discount card is essential.

You're probably familiar with those commercials that advertise some new drug, but then at the end, recite a laundry list of side-effects. Well, some Maui golf cards are ridden with restrictions. Try to find one that's going to let you do what you want and not what it wants. Remember, this is your vacation and you should be able to plan it your way. If you want a card that lets you play at any time of year or on multiple islands, make sure you clarify these details before you buy.

Cool Maui Golf Cards

One fun thing about purchasing Maui golf cards is that they may allow you to reserve a tee-time earlier than the general public. Or, if there is a course you're just dying to play but it's all booked, your possession of the card may make the course manager look a little harder to accommodate you. You can't help but feel special when they tell you they're all booked, then you mention your card, and suddenly something opens up.

A lot of these golf cards come with a map of the place you're traveling to, and brochures of the golf courses and their stats. This helps you decide what package will benefit you most. Then, you can take the course layout maps and shove them in the glove compartment of your complimentary cart which comes with your Maui golf cards.

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