Maui Golf Vacation

Written by Liza Hartung
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How good does a Maui golf vacation sound right now? I live in California, the land of the constantly sunny good weather, and I'd still like to drive over to LAX right now and hop a plane to Maui for some golf. If that's what I'm thinking right now, I can't imagine what some of you in colder or extremely humid states must be thinking! Maui it is!

What's nice about a little Maui golf vacation, aside from the weather, the beaches, the palm trees, and the waterfalls, is that you can usually make reservations in advance. These golf vacations come in packages that are as inclusive as you want. Book this spring for a trip next winter, so that when you're sitting in snow, you feel you've at least done something right.

Relaxing with a Maui Golf Vacation

Once you book yourself on a Maui golf vacation package, you'll realize all the opportunities you've opened up for yourself, if you hadn't already. You can usually find discounted green fees for up to four golfers. Many of the courses let you reuse your package for up to six months to a year. I'd consider that a pretty good deal.

Unfortunately, as with many of these kinds of things, there are usually some restrictions. Try to find a package deal or a discount card that gives you the most options, the most courses, and the most available tee times. Some of the restrictions that are out there are: your package is subject to change without notice, there are sometimes maximum and minimum night stays, and most have blackout dates. Read the fine print before you commit, or you could find yourself trapped in a bargain you didn't ask for.

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