Maui Honeymoon Retreat

Written by Donald Sparacin
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You've found each other and made the commitment to be together forever. You've spent months planning the perfect wedding, and now it's over. What could possibly accompany that feeling of love and togetherness better than a Maui honeymoon retreat?

Can Life Get Any Better than a Maui Honeymoon Retreat?

You are lounging on your own private lanai, surrounded by wild flowers and fruit ripening on the trees around you. Someone has just brought you your favorite fruit drinks as the sun begins to set. You look into each other's eyes and just know that you are at the beginning of a perfect life. You kiss, and as you do you realize that it's still only your first day in paradise.

As the sun drops below the horizon of the vast Pacific and the moon begins to rise, a waiter begins setting your table for an outdoor dinner for just the two of you. As you requested, she'll be having the salad with fresh fruit and charbroiled fish for her entree. You'll of course want your filet mignon rare, and smothered in bearnaise sauce. The call of a native bird bids you goodnight, as you toast each other with a glass of fine champagne. No, life doesn't really get any better than a Maui honeymoon retreat, now does it?

A Maui honeymoon retreat can be as different as a stay aboard a private yacht, a mountaintop bed and breakfast, or a cottage on the beach. Prices range from the modest to the outrageous, but most fall toward the lower end of the scale, while sacrificing none of the enchantment of the experience. The choice is the only difficulty you'll find for that perfect way to start your married life together on your personally designed Maui honeymoon retreat.

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