Maui Hotel Weddings

Written by Donald Sparacin
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She said, "I do!" She loved the ring, she loves you, and now her dad is going to buy you both the magical wedding of her and her mom's dreams. They begin by checking all the local hotels and caterers where her friends were married, but they all seem the same. This one has to be the very best!

Why Do People Choose Maui Hotel Weddings?

The most romantic place on this planet is Maui! Where better to exchange vows of eternal love than on a lanai overlooking the Pacific? Maui hotel weddings offer the happy couple all the beauty and romance they seek, and plenty of rooms for your dearest and closest friends and family to stay. They combine the charm of the island, the warmth of its people, and the finest food imaginable.

Maui hotel weddings can be intimate affairs beside a waterfall, grand galas in rooftop banquet halls, or almost anything in-between. Flowers for the bride aren't shipped in for the event a few days before from some far away land or grown in hothouses; they're picked just outside. Fish, fruits and vegetables for the dinner are also picked or caught fresh that day. The wedding photographer won't have to haul you and the bridal party off to different locations for picturesque spots, they're right there.

The price of the ring and the price of the gown are trivial when one considers what they represent. Yet we all make that expenditure without blinking an eye, because it's worth it. With room rates that won't cripple your guests, and everything else that Maui hotel weddings offer a couple in love, why consider anywhere else to start that life together than in this tropical Eden?

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