Maui Meditation Retreat

Written by Donald Sparacin
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You think you know all of the breathing techniques, and you've honed your concentration to the point where you can focus your mind on an imaginary leaf floating down an imaginary stream, all while riding on a subway car on the way to work. You truly understand what meditation can do for you emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Now you want more.

Find Nirvana in Paradise

Anyone truly interested in taking meditation to the next level needs to experience a Maui meditation retreat. The very nature of Maui is so conducive to a healthy mind and body that it is the perfect place to practice the art. Greet the sunrise on your Maui meditation retreat atop a mountain overlooking the shimmering water while practicing the exacting movements that is Tai Chi. Allow the tropical scents of surf and flora to enter your consciousness as you sit in the lotus posture contemplating your oneness with all that surrounds you. Now consider doing this with other fellow travelers, and you begin to know what a Maui meditation retreat is all about.

Maui has full-time dedicated teachers of virtually every discipline to help you experience that personal Nirvana that you seek to find on your Maui meditation retreat. Many centers offer workshops, classes, and trained instructors to assist you and see to your self-progress. You can practice alone, in groups, or with a teacher. The health conscious gourmet will delight in the bounty that is served in Maui's many fine restaurants that cater exclusively to preserving the body that will carry your entity through this life.

Go so far past your mantra that you won't want to go back to the "civilized" world you left behind on your personal Maui meditation retreat. You'll begin to wonder why everyone doesn't feel as energized as you do. You'll begin to wonder why everyone doesn't experience his or her own Maui meditation retreat. And you'll begin to wonder why you don't pack up everything, buy a little place on one of the mountains and call Maui home.

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