Maui Vacation Lodging

Written by Donald Sparacin
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So, you've decided that all the hype about Maui being the closest thing to paradise on earth is true. You've decided that your next vacation will be on Maui. But now you want to know where to stay. The answer is complicated - what do you like to do and what do you want to see?

Beach, Sports, or Hiking - Tough Choices

Maui vacation lodging is located on Maui's black sand beaches. Maui's vacation lodging is located in the mountains. Maui's vacation lodging is located near shopping and nightlife. Maui vacation lodging is located near waterfalls. Maui vacation lodging is located near nude beaches. In short, Maui vacation lodging is everywhere you want it to be, but it doesn't intrude.

While vacationing in the mountains of Tennessee, a vacationer friend said that all he could see of the mountain was cabins and hotels. It seemed to this friend that the local zoning board had forgotten why people wanted to go there - to see the mountains! When a mountain is a feature attraction, one should actually see the mountain. When a waterfall is the attraction, one should see the waterfall. Maui allows the visitor to see the natural attractions, stay there, and not confuse the two.

Price shouldn't an issue for you, since Maui has rooms, suites, and cottages at every price level. So, the decision is entirely up to what you enjoy. You can stay near the beaches to windsurf, surf, or swim. You can stay in the mountains to hike, climb, or just take in the scenery. Or, you can stay near a waterfall and take a short trip to try everything else that Maui has to offer. But rest assured that Maui vacation lodging will be where you want it and at a price that you'll want to pay.

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