Maui Yoga Retreat

Written by Donald Sparacin
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A retreat is where a person feels the need to get away from the usual world to focus on a subject of importance. People go on religious retreats when they want to fill their days with discussions or contemplations on their chosen deity. Similarly, a Maui yoga retreat allows one to get away from the hectic day-to-day world in which they live and devote a period of time to their health and inner peace.

Why a Maui Yoga Retreat?

Yogis, people that practice yoga, believe that the sun-worship posture is the single best posture in the art. It stretches nearly every muscle in the body. It allows for deep concentration. It embraces the concept of worshiping the giver of all life - the sun. A Maui yoga retreat will provide you with the life-giving energy of sun on most days that you are there.

Unlike many exercise programs that only work on the body, yoga is also spiritual in nature. It teaches that the body is the vehicle that carries the soul, or entity, through this life. It also teaches that the body should be as pure as possible so that the soul will live in a healthy environment. A Maui yoga retreat will be filled with healthy eating, healthy breathing, and a healthier pace of life. People only run on Maui when they want a workout. They don't run to catch trains or avoid muggers as we do on the mainland.

Take the time to feel better by experiencing a Maui yoga retreat. Kick back and smell the flowers, as they say. Breathe in clean healthy air through your nostrils, and expel the pollution of the "civilized" world from your mouth. Eat food that is grown as nature meant it to be grown. Connect with the natural world in ways that you only can on a Maui yoga retreat. Your body and soul with thank you.

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