Mercedes Championship

Written by Liza Hartung
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I'd like to be part of the Mercedes Championship. I'd have absolutely no shot at winning because I can barely make contact with the little white ball (although I do love the game), but I wouldn't mind ending up with a Mercedes-Benz SL500. That, plus the Tiffany Trophy and $5.3 million, is what Stewart Appleby won for using the least amount of strokes at the Mercedes Championship.

The Mercedes Championship is the PGA's season-opener held at Kapalua's Plantation Course. It's held annually in January, so it's easy to guess why they chose to have the tournament in Hawaii. Michigan wouldn't exactly be the first choice for golf in January.

What's So Great about the Mercedes Championship?

I drive a Mercedes. It's old. It's a 1988, but it runs pretty well after all these years. I figure, if Mercedes-Benz makes such outstanding cars, they're bound to create a great championship golf tournament. The best of the best are competing, and the prizes aren't bad, either.

As an amateur, I love playing in Hawaii. I feel pretty confident that my choice if I were a professional player would also be to play in Hawaii as often as possible. Yes, Hawaii would be on the very top of my list. Awesome competition, beautiful scenery, wonderful people, and a shot at winning a few million dollars and a Mercedes-Benz.

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