Na Pali Coast

Written by Tara Peris
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The Na Pali Coast garners a great deal of attention among visitors to Kauai. Known the world over for its unrivaled beaches and spectacular beauty, it is a perennial favorite among vacationers. For first-timers and seasoned visitors alike, it is the centerpiece of any visit.

It is hard to describe what makes the Na Pali Coast so unique. Somehow, the usual superlatives fail. They simply seem inadequate when it comes to describing the almost magical quality of this small stretch of land. Indeed, short of an actual visit, the best way to do it justice is probably via photograph or slide show.

The Wonders of the Na Pali Coast
Without a doubt, most people are drawn to the Na Pali coast by its exquisite beauty. Sure, you've seen pretty beaches before, but none like this. Lush tropical forests stretch endlessly and magnificent mountain ranges jut up against mesmerizing stretches of ocean. It is a feast for the eyes that must be seen to be believed.

To this end, some of the best ways to see Na Pali are by boat. Whether serenely exploring in a canoe or kayak or taking a larger catamaran, water tours provide an excellent means of exploring the area. Whatever path you choose, be sure to allow ample time for your trip to Na Pali. If you're like most visitors, you won't want to leave.

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