Written by Josh Dodes
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Time was, the best of Oahu was limited to those with prior expertise and those who were quickest to snap up the remaining tickets. Simply put, most tourists had to choose between a stressful attempt to beat others to the punch, or losing out altogether. For years, savvy travelers have hoped for a better way.

Today, thanks to a handful of websites owned and operated by local residents, that better way has arrived. Drawing on a breadth and depth of experience that even the most veteran travel agents cannot provide, these local Hawaiians have made it possible for any smart visitor to get the inside track, long before they even leave home. The benefits of using these reliable, up-to-date sites to plan ahead are so dramatic that even the most experienced visitors are returning to these resources again and again.

An Objective Look at Oahu

These websites are so beneficial because they provide a truly objective look at the best Oahu has to offer. Licensed by the State, the most reputable of these sites offer honest assessments and recommendations about the most exciting activities. Better still, once you decide what you want to do, you can make reservations or buy tickets online--at absolutely no markup whatsoever.

A little online planning can greatly enhance a big offshore vacation. Why waste time when you arrive, trying to figure out what to do? The most consistent, helpful advice is available to you right now, if you know where to turn.

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