Oahu Attractions

Written by Stephanie Dula
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A favorite of the many Oahu attractions is the Hawaiian luau. There are several hotels and other companies which offer authentic Hawaiian luaus for the curious visitor. They include, among other delights, Polynesian entertainment, such as a rousing fire knife dance, savory kalua pork roasted in a traditional island pit, and a dazzling backdrop of Oahu beaches and waterfalls.

Other Oahu attractions include wellness and rejuvenation services for the whole mind, body, and spirit. What better place to build your stress and pain minimizing skills than the fantastic surroundings of Oahu. Spas offer massages, yoga workshops on the beach, relaxation and self actualization techniques taught by masters of alternative therapies. It's no wonder so many people flock to Oahu in search of the sense of peace that the island seems to radiate.

Oahu Attractions for the Whole Family

Oahu has something to offer people of all ages. Many hotels and tour services hold children's programs especially designed to bring out the aloha spirit in every kid. There are plenty of water and beach activities kids love including body surfing, boating, swimming, and snorkeling. Hanauma Bay is a guaranteed hit with the older kids, a volcano crater that has been filled in with water, this shallow bay is literally teeming with ocean life. Turtles and moray eels are often sighted, along with thousands of species of tropical fish. Just be sure to go during the week or early in the morning, as this amazing spot fills up fast with tourists and locals alike.

Mom and Dad aren't left out in the cold either. Whether its volcano hiking or shopping in Honolulu, Oahu attractions run the gamut of activity levels and budgets. There's a reason Oahu is the number one destination of all the Hawaiian islands.

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