Oahu Golf

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Nothing beats Oahu golf for the golf-fanatic. Imagine playing golf while looking around at a 360-degree view of the South Shore of the island. There's really nothing better than enjoying an activity you love in a place so special and beautiful.

Oahu Golf Vacations

The islands of Hawaii are world-famous for their incredible golf locales. Oahu, in particular, is quite popular with golfers of all ages. Home to some of the most spectacular golf courses in the world, Oahu is an obvious choice for the golf enthusiast looking to take a vacation that involves a favorite pastime. There's the stunning Ka'aolo Golf Course, which is situated at the base of the cliffs of the Ka'aolo Mountains and has one of the most exciting layouts in Oahu, and the Coral Creek Golf Club on the Ewa Plain.

Oahu golf vacation packages afford you the opportunity to pick your level of accommodation. Golf resorts are a good choice for those who wish to have their golf courses a couple of yards from their front doors. For those for whom beach time is more desirable, packages can be purchased that include golf time at local courses on the island, while your accommodations are closer to the beach. There's also the possibility that you'll want to append you package to include golf on some of the other Hawaiian islands, which each have unique and wonderful courses.

Oahu golf is a truly amazing golfing experience. Considering the layout of the island, all local golf courses overlook some quite breathtaking sights. Golf and Oahu means luxury golf with a view.

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