Oahu Tours

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Oahu tours are plentiful and helpful, as Oahu is a place with so much to see and tourists often have too little time. Oahu boasts plenty of sights worth seeing, most travel guides advise spending at least five days on this island alone. Many visitors travel to Oahu with plans of enjoying at least one guided or driving tour during their stay.

Oahu is a bounty of landmarks of historical and cultural significance. The option of taking a guided tour through one of several military landmarks including the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, is very appealing to many who come here. Oahu Tours are an eye-opening and educational way to experience the history firsthand. Many of the tours available are child, elderly, and handicapped accessible.

Oahu Tours--A Walk Through History

Hawaiian history is revealed in a visit to several sites on Oahu. The 'Iolani State Monument was the residence of the last monarchs of Hawaii, who ruled from 1892-1893. On the North Shore you can find a site called Pu'uomahuka he'iau, an ancient place of worship. Guided tours of these and other sites are available daily.

Oahu tours are an excellent choice for those who seek education about this wondrous place. They are well-worth the affordable price, and that can oftentimes be included in a vacation package. The only hard part will be deciding which sites to see first.

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