Personal Retreats

Written by Donald Sparacin
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Everyone needs to get away from time to time. The boss, the kids, the bills, the stresses of everyday life can become overwhelming to us. We become ill, cranky, and we begin to forget what life is all about. Consider personal retreats to put things into proper perspective and to put yourself back on the right track.

Consider Personal Retreats on Maui

There's just something about being in paradise that helps you slow down and begin to feel human again. The concept of personal retreats is different for everyone. Some people need to eat healthier. Some need to be alone. Some need to see different and unique things and places. Maui offers all of that.

Let your personal retreats begin by renting a cottage on the beach - all by yourself. There's no one there to please but you. There are no expectations of how you should dress, act, behave, or speak. It's just you and nature on your personal retreats. The sun will warm your body, and the people will warm your soul.

Climb a mountain instead of the stairs at work, and see how much differently your muscles react to the work. Watch a sunset over the ocean instead of a sitcom on television, and see if don't feel infinitely better for having done it. Pick a ripe piece of fruit that might be growing outside your door instead of a burger at the fast food place on the corner, and see if your body doesn't appreciate the difference. Personal retreats are necessary for everyone, and yes, even you.

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