Poipu Bay Golf Course

Written by Liza Hartung
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If you like technology, particularly technology that's designed to help you with your golf game, then you're going to love playing golf on the Poipu Bay golf course. Check this out. If you get yourself a cart for this course, you've also conveniently hooked yourself up with a satellite navigation system that tells you the exact distance to the hole and the pin placement. For technophile golfers, this is a very exciting thing.

Choose to walk, however, and your only navigation system is whatever your brain helps you with. Even if it turns out that the satellite system isn't very helpful for you, it's still fun to play with. The Poipu Bay Golf Course is the site of the PGA Grand Slam, but since they have to walk, they miss out on such fun technological advancements.

Shopping at the Poipu Bay Golf Course

Yes, I know it sounds a little silly to go shopping at a golf course. I mean, my first choice for a day of spending money would not be a pro shop. However, Poipu's Golf Shop is considered to be one of the finest in America. It houses the full line of Grand Slam and Kauai Resort logo wear.

Something even more fun and upscale about the Poipu Bay Golf Course is that its club rentals are most likely better that what you own. How many courses have those bragging rights? At the end of the day, pass by the remains of heiau, Hawaiian places of worship, and stop in at the Poipu Bay Grill and Bar for some excellent dinner.

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