Princeville Golf Course

Written by Liza Hartung
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The name "Princeville golf course" leads me to believe it's a place where only princes can play, but thank goodness that isn't true. This course was rated the number one course in Hawaii by Golf Digest, and I'd hate it if I wasn't able to play. It may be designed and manicured for princes, but absolutely anyone can step on up and tee-off (lucky for the commoners).

The Princeville golf course is only a part of the what the Princeville Resort has to offer. If you're with people who enjoy golfing, you're in luck--this golf course welcomes one and all and it proves this point by placing five tees on each of 45 holes. If you're with people who don't like to golf, let them explore the rest of the resort while your tee up for a great round. You can always have your friends or family meet you at the clubhouse for a congratulatory dinner or round of drinks.

Feel Like a Prince on the Princeville Golf Course

You may not be a prince, but the Princeville Resort has health club and spa facilities on the premises for you to take full advantage of after a long day of swinging clubs. Golfing puts a lot of stress of your back muscles, and you might want to have a masseuse work out the kinks for you before you hit the links again. Personally, I'd put up the money for an all-inclusive deal where I get to have my nails done while I'm enjoying a facial and preparing for a massage. Ladies, are you with me here?

After you're so relaxed you can barely move, fuel up for tomorrow's game at the Princeville Golf Course by having a big meal at the resort's restaurant and bar. For those traveling in large packs such as a bachelor party or a corporate gathering, Princeville offers fabulous banquet facilities. Just in case you're wondering, Princeville resort was rated the Best Golf Resort in Hawaii by Travel & Leisure Golf.

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