Restaurants In Kauai

Written by Tara Peris
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There are a number of first-rate restaurants in Kauai, allowing visitors to dine in style. Whether you seek gourmet intercontinental cuisine or an authentic taste of the islands, there are myriad options from which to choose. Better still, meals are priced to fit all budgets.

Some of the best restaurants in Kauai are those that offer sunset views. Whether dining on the beach or along the crests of sprawling valleys, your meal is sure to be enhanced by a magnificent view of the island. Of course, the best views are at sunset, and restaurants are in high demand during the peak hours of 5:30 to 7:30; be sure to plan accordingly.

The Range of Restaurants in Kauai
One of the greatest things about being a tourist is that there are no rules. You can eat where you want, when you want with complete freedom. As most of us know, vacations are a time when diets are abandoned in favor of a bit of indulgence, and eating becomes an event in itself.

Take advantage of this! Go all out by dining at fine restaurants in Kauai. From traditional Kalua pig to first-rate seafood, you'll treat your taste buds to a vacation of their own. Talk to a hotel concierge or consult the locals for the best recommendations.

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