Syntropy Trainings

Written by Donald Sparacin
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When we are children we instinctively know how to move our body parts, but then as we mature we begin to learn to move and act in ways that are contrary to that childlike instinct. We begin to feel pain and tension in parts of our bodies because we weren't made to move the way we often do. We need help to put ourselves right again and relieve the pain and tension. That's where Syntropy trainings come in.

How Does It Work and Who Could Benefit from Syntropy Trainings?

Using a combination of touch, meditation, and rethinking our movements through Syntropy trainings the ill effects of our patterns of movement can be realigned. Once we begin to feel better and the pain begins to lessen and eventually disappear, our body begins to learn a self-healing process. In essence, we need to remind our bodies how they were before we started messing with them, and then let the nervous system begin to heal itself.

Perhaps you were in a car accident many years ago, or hurt yourself in a sports injury. The immediate trauma goes away after seeking medical help, but the body still hasn't completely recovered. You feel shoulder, neck, or back pain for no apparent reason that you can discern. Pain is a way that your body tells you that something needs fixing and it doesn't know how to fix it by itself. That's where Syntropy trainings come in.

The practitioner of massage, breathwork, meditation, and other similar tools teaches your body what it had forgotten over the years. You re-connect with that inner-self that instinctively knows how alignment is supposed to be. You let the body remove its own tension and stress. Then the body begins to re-learn that innate process of self-healing. Syntropy trainings are useful tools for everyone's health and well-being.

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