Therapeutic Massage

Written by Donald Sparacin
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We all find it comforting to have someone "rub that sore spot" for us. It feels good! Dating back to before 3000BC there are records of some forms of massage. Today, therapeutic massage is a has become a sophisticated industry that has developed many form of structured hands-on healing techniques. Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Shiatsu, Thai, Reiki and Swedish remedial are but a few.

Can I Get a Good Therapeutic Massage on Maui?

There are therapeutic massage technicians everywhere on Maui, and many make house calls. The island itself is so healing of a place that when people visit it just seems right and natural to receive a treatment. Therapeutic massage works the muscles to help the subject relieve stress and tension. Maui's tropical climate, beautiful scenery, and laid-back lifestyle add to the experience like no place else on earth.

Therapists use a variety of massage techniques suited to the client's needs. They may work directly on the skin using special blends of sweet oils to encourage relaxation and a feeling of well-being, or use warmed stones to work their secret magic on your aching body part. A therapeutic massage may be either deep tissue or gentle relaxation massage. Deep tissue really milks the muscles of toxins and can get rid of bumps and lumps such as scar tissue, formed after muscles are damaged. It also improves the elasticity of the muscles and consequently refines the range of body mobility.

Relaxation massage is more pleasurable. The therapeutic massage therapist's aim is to get you as relaxed as possible so that you hover just above sleep in a totally relaxed state. Reiki is similar in that the practitioner often never actually touches the client, but rather attempts to channel energy to the subject by moving their hands slightly above the person. Whichever method of therapeutic massage you prefer, Maui has it.

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