Things To Do In Oahu

Written by Stephanie Dula
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There are so many things to do in Oahu, you'll probably be hard pressed to decide on your activities while visiting this complex and diverse island. One of my favorite things about Oahu is its rich culture and heritage. For those interested in the way of life of Oahu's people (it is the most populated of the Hawaiian islands), there are plenty of museums and theatres in which to spend time.

Laie, near the North Shore, is a very special place that shouldn't be missed when pondering things to do in Oahu. Home of the Polynesian Cultural Center, Laie has long been a refuge for the people of the island. Ancient Hawaiians fled here in times of war and persecution, and were always welcomed with open arms. Now the home of the Laie Temple, people still flock here to be rejuvenated by the "aloha spirit."

Things to do in Oahu--Art and Culture

Honolulu is also a hotbed of cultural activity for the visitor to Oahu. The Bishop Museum is a good bet for those with an interest in the natural and cultural history of the island. A planetarium and daily craft demonstrations are a small part of what this museum has to offer.

The Cedar Street Galleries, also in Honolulu, focuses on local artists of the island. The Buddhist Temple in Kaneohe is another must see among the cultural things to do in Oahu. Koi ponds and Japanese gardens enhance your connection with many Hawaiians' Japanese heritage.

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