Tibetan Buddhism

Written by Donald Sparacin
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Tibetan Buddhism is considered especially rich because the teachings of the Buddha were preserved in their entirety and elaborated upon over the centuries by practitioners who took the teachings to heart and brought them to full fruition in their own mind streams. The Kagyu, or "practice" lineage, contributed greatly to this tradition through the attainment and teachings of its extraordinary practitioners. This tradition continues unbroken to the present day, and the teachings of enlightened Kagyu masters are considered among the most precious jewels of spiritual insight and practical guidance in the world.

Tibetan Buddhism Finds a Home in Maui

Those seeking spiritual enlightenment in concert with the natural world have found a home in Maui. Here, one can practice in harmony with nature to find the inner truth that exists within each of us. Many Tibetan Buddhism retreats are held on Maui, as the island is so conducive to spiritual awakenings because of its beauty and natural surroundings.

Tibetan Buddhism teaches that life is brief, and while we're here we may find joy or pain, but we should embrace both because it is the life and the divine teachings we are supposed to celebrate. Find your peace within yourself, but see also that that is around you, for it is the world that will awaken you to the truth. See the rainbow and the waves and understand that they are as fleeting as your life. Inhale the spirit of oneness with all that is around you and understand that it may all be gone in a second, but enjoy it for now.

Tibetan Buddhism has indeed found a home on Maui. There are temples and workshops to visit and attend. Perhaps you are seeking true enlightenment, or merely curious. You will find what you seek on Maui, but only if you open your mind and allow the truth to enter.

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