Tropical Retreat

Written by Donald Sparacin
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A tropical retreat on Maui offers the business or vacationing traveler everything from affordable bed and breakfast lodging to yoga workshops. But mostly it offers and delivers an idyllic setting in which you can recharge your spirit, soothe your soul and warm your heart.

Maui's visitors have voted it "The Best Island in the World" for 10 consecutive years. Whether you're looking for that perfect wedding location, advanced bodywork trainings, or the perfect seminar location for your star employees, you'll find it on Maui.

Maui's Weather

It's usually in the 80s on Maui, and the trade winds out of the northeast keep you feeling quite comfortable. Rainfall ranges from more than 400 inches per year at the top of West Maui Mountain, one of the wettest places on earth, to about 6 inches per year in South Maui. Rainfall on most of the island comes in brief showers, so don't bother to bring an umbrella when you come for your own tropical retreat.

What to Wear on Maui

Informal attire is the dress of the day. Shorts are worn by everyone, ladies wear cotton tops, and aloha shirts for the men are typical for just about everywhere you plan to go. Yet even on this tropical retreat, some better restaurants will prefer that you leave the tee shirts in your hotel room for dinner. However if you're planning a trip to the top of 10,000 foot high extinct volcano, Mt. Haleakala, be sure to pack long pants, long sleeve shirts, and even gloves - it gets pretty cold up there, but the view is well worth it. Many people bring towels with them to shield their ears and face from the cold winds that blow around the crater where the original moon astronauts trained.

Trade Winds

The winds that blow out of the northeast will keep you comfortable on your Maui tropical retreat, but sometimes they may curtail some of your activities. Heed the warning signs when swimming, snorkeling, or windsurfing, as their message will protect you. On those days that the winds are strongest, the surf will be the high and the surfers will be taking great advantage of it. If you aren't a surfer yourself, find a spot on the beach and watch them, or use the day to explore the island's many diversities.


Maui prides itself on its many museums, native music, and unique horticulture. While visiting Maui for your tropical retreat, be sure to include time to visit those of your interest. However, one thing every visitor to Maui should experience is a luau. These barbecue-like dinners are abundant across the island, vary in price, and will be something to remember forever. One word of caution, when encouraged to try poi for your first time, take a very small taste. While some first-timers on their tropical retreat to Maui love poi, many of us from the lower forty-eight find it reminiscent of kindergarten glue. Please note: If you are invited to someone's house, it is customary to remove your shoes before entering. This isn't a religious tradition; it actually saves the carpets from the very fine abrasive sand that clings to the bottom of your shoes.

Where to Stay

Whether you're the type that demands a world-class Five Diamond resort, enjoys the ambiance of an intimate upcountry bed and breakfast, or wants to hide out in a seaside cottage a Maui tropical retreat has it!

If you're planning a family vacation or even a family reunion, Maui's visitor accommodations can include family-friendly condominium properties with full kitchen facilities. Even most resorts and hotels offer special family rates that include a wide variety of family activities that can keep even the most precocious child occupied on your tropical retreat.

The business traveler and meeting planner has a full range of services and facilities to make your Maui office ready for global business as soon as you check-in. Maui is also home to one of seven National Supercomputing Centers, which means that full Internet connectivity and real-time video-conferencing services are just a phone call away.

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