Waikiki Family Vacations

Written by Liza Hartung
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Waikiki family vacations are a blast. There are activities for the entire family, for the kids and for the adults. Don't think that, as parents, you won't be able to get any alone time. There are plenty of places and activities where you can drop your kids off and not have to worry about their safety or their fun. They will have a fantastic time playing with other kids their age while you and your spouse get some reconnection time.

There are tons of events on Waikiki family vacations that will amuse everyone in the family. Check out the Polynesian Cultural Center for an authentic luau, the biggest nighttime show on the island, Horizons, canoe pageants, two IMAX films and seven Pacific Island Villages. If that isn't enough for you, head to Magic of Polynesia. The famous illusionist John Hirokawa and his Polynesian dancers will mesmerize you.

Getting around During Waikiki Family Vacations

With Waikiki family vacations, it is almost a necessity that you have a car. If you want to do anything other than hang at the beach all day, a car is something you will want to have. The events that I just named are either in or close to Honolulu. With a car, you don't have to worry about catching tour buses or paying taxis.

Your children will love the Waikiki aquarium, which is the third oldest in all of the United States. It sits next to a living reef, so make sure you visit this as well. You can even grab the whole family and go on high-speed go-kart rides. There are karts for adults, children and two-seaters all to drive on a 2,500-foot track!

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